Taxation is Socialist in Nature

By on Sep 17, 2009 in politics (caring for civilization) | 0 comments

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Submitting your first tax dollar to a government, is the moment you endorse socialism.

In a democracy, how you vote and how loudly you make your concerns heard helps determine how those resources get used for the “betterment” of one faction/cause over the other.

In a capitalist economy where corporations are granted personhood, your consuming habits have the greatest impact on which powers will be competing with you over how you and your countrymen will be “benefitted by what are supposed to be communal resources.

No modern nation can thrive today without mixing various social, economic, and political philosophies. Stop getting hung up on the xenophobia associated with terminology from the cold war. Your parents and grandparents fell for it then. How about we evolve already and finally stop painting reality in absolutist black and white?

Think we can do that before Cthlulu rightfully decends upon us and slowly, one by one sucks our puny brains from our skulls like we deserve?