Suck It Up, Crybabies*

By on Nov 10, 2016 in politics (caring for civilization) | 0 comments

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What’s the matter?  Never take one on the chin before?  Never been so down you saw no way out?

GET OVER YOURSELF.  Failures are on the path to every victory.

Has evil and hatred won the day?

Only if you let it.

Have the bullies of lifestyle, religion, race, and commerce been vindicated and given carte blanche to imprison, torture, deny civil rights, kill us slowly through climate irresponsibility or kill us quickly by any other means?  Are there retribution squads and lynch mobs running in the streets?

Not really and not yet – but you’re going to have to stand up.

That’s right.  You’re not allowed to be exhausted from this election.  There’s no room.  There is no time.

I am proposing the following three methods:


*Addendum – Please know that I too have felt the fear of what is next take hold of me too.

I have two little girls who are going to grow up in a society that may have a loosened definition of rape without access to abortion and contraception, plus meatheads feeling emboldened to grab and take.  Brown people, gays, and women make up ~70% of my community – a place I truly care about.  I am an atheist/agnostic and may be a target of Newt Gingrich’s “Un-American” committee as a result.  Hearing that the unhinged Rudy Guliani has a place in #45’s cabinet felt like being punched in the gut – over and over again.

My title was meant to snap all of us out of wallowing in fear and sadness and to get us to take action – not to de-legitimize your own justifiable emotions.

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