Pomegranate Men’s Ring Box

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Men’s Pomegranate Ring Box for sale on Etsy or through Memento...

Outdoor Desk

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Delivered this white oak desk to the porch it will live on.  Between the waterproof glue in the top, draw bored mortises without glue, and the tusk tenons this should last for a very, very long time – even in the outdoors. The waffling pattern from the interior shots is from the shadow of the screens on the porch.  Should have probably taken some studio photos of this but since I am not really doing furniture anymore, not too terribly concerned with this as a portfolio...

Mortises, Tenons and Such

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Client needed a desk for an outdoor shelter. Avoiding metal and glue joints in the base means draw bored dowels and tusk tenon fun. Fasteners that attach the top will be coated to avoid corrosion. Being white oak, could likely stand up to full outdoor use for decades. In the enclosure where it will live, hopefully hundreds of years.

Paws, Wings, Portrait, Flower

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Completed this custom urn for a dog and delivered to an ecstatic but tearful client. For further project details, click...

Canine Urn – Nearly Complete

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Carving is nearly complete on this main component.  An inner flower/collar hanger with portrait window and the bottom lid are all that is left.